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Dec. 21 2016

Functional Fitness


As always with skill practise, your focus is on moving the best you can and in aiming to make each rep better than the previous one. Remember, the goal of practise is to explore, learn and develop better ways to do things. Making mistakes is a natural part of the process.
A. 5 rounds, each for time, start a new round every 3 or 4 minutes

  • 10-20 pistols, alternating
  • 2-5 muscle ups ( Bar Mu’s, C2B Pull-Ups)
  • 10 hang power cleans @ 55-65%1RM

    Intent. Move as fast as possible on each round, see how fast you can go.
    Score. Your score is your fastest time for the day
    Note on load. Start hang power clean @ 55%1RM power clean , add (5-10lbs) on each round you completed all reps unbroken, otherwise stay or move down on the weight.
    Functional Fitness


A. 8 intervals of 2 minutes ON : 1 minute OFF
AMRAP (continue each interval from where you left off)

  • 25 cal row
  • 25 box jump overs @ 24/20?
  • 25 deadlifts @ (185/125lbs)
  • 25 wall balls @ (20/14lbs)
  • 25 Push-Ups
  • 25 burpees
  • 25 cal row