5926 Premier Way #112, Naples, FL 34109

Thursday’s WOD


For Time (with a Partner)
Phase 1: “Overlord”
1944 meter Row
Phase 2: “Airborne Drop”
60 Pull-Ups
300 meter Run
Phase 3: “Omaha Beach”
6 50 meter Alternating Sled Drags
300 meter Run
Phase 4: “Utah Beach”
60 Weighted Push-Ups
300 meter Run
Phase 5: “Gold Beach”
60 Kettlebell Swings
300 meter Run
Phase 6: “Sword Beach”
60 Thrusters (45/35 lb)
300 meter Run
Phase 7: “Juno Beach”
60 Man-on-Fire Burpees
300 meter Run
Each partner group will carry their kettlebell everywhere. The non-working partner will hold the kettlebell off the ground while the other partner works. Split up the work as needed, except the sled drags (alternate) and runs (run together).